Learning Tree International, Portugal - December 2007

Successfully concluded Management Skills Course (290) with final course exam of Learning Tree Management Institute. The course focused on proactive customer-focused approach, enhance leadership abilities and develop a management vision for success.

     Nokia Siemens Networks , Portugal - November 2007

After series of negotiations I decided to join Nokia Siemens Networks as a full time collaborator as a Team Leader of one of the Lisbon based teams working on TransNet project.

     EPSO/F | Brussels, Belgum - 12 September 2006

European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO/F) has contacted me in responce to my application for EPSO/TA/IT/06 - Call for expression of interest to constitute a database of candidates to be recruited as temporary agents carrying out tasks in the field of information technology within the European Institutions. I am pleased to announce that my application profile under candidate number 549601 has fulfilled all criterias and will be included in the final EPSO database of eligible candidates for a period of 3 years.

     SIEMENS AG | Lisboa, Portugal - 1 March 2006

I have been granted one year scholarship to continue my investigation in the area of data switching and routing. This year it is an innovation project in the area of optical networks based on SIEMENS SURPASS hiT7300 and SURPASS hiT7500 optical switches, and DWDM routing. My responsibilities spread from system engineering, defining part of the software design and delivering functional specifications, to coding in java, using RCP in Eclipse.

     Bulgarian Air Force | Dolna Mitropolia, Bulgaria - 27 June 2005

Mandatory military service of 6 months, July to December 2005 in Bulgarian Armed Forces, division Bulgarian Air Force. Received training for platoon and company youth commander. Promoted to the rank of “corporal” for achieving excellent results. Worked closely with the battalion commander - major Manush Hristov.

     SIEMENS AG | Lisboa, Portugal - 4 October 2004

If IBM is "The Big Blue", Siemens AG is "The Big Green" sign (or maybe orange, according to their new webdesign ;-)
Nevertheless I am close to make a step further into my professional career, and accept a proposal to join Siemens' Research Devision team with scientific scholarship. There I expect to work on the new version of NetBuilder - java based software for planning and optimizing carrier networks.

     Research Assistant Scholarship | Lisbon, Portugal - 1 October 2003

A begining of academical career, continuing education or preparing for high jump proffesional life? I believe all of them together. I've signed a contract for one year scholarship as research assistant fot the Naval Department, Instituto Superior de Tecnico - Lisboa. I am excited, and I look forward my working obligations with Java, Java3D, and interactive computer graphics. I am going to work closely with Antonio Cacho, and Jorge Vitoria, so it will be fun. Yeah!

     M.Sc. in Computer Science | Varna, Bulgaria - 7 September 2003

Another page of my life has turned over today. The presentation of my master thesis in Computer Science brought me a second MS degree. Technical University of Varna should be proud of such students. But I really doubt the professor's body appreciate the efforts we, the students, put into it. Nevermind, I am proud of my results. Actually the thesis was fully developed, and presented in Naval Department, Instituto Superior de Tecnico - Lisboa, thus I consider the MS degree to be from IST.

     SOCRATES - ERASMUS Scholar | Lisboa, Portugal - 8 January 2003

Academic training at the Naval Department, Instituto Superior de Tecnico - Lisboa will continue till end of July 2003. Working on "Virtual Reality Applications Development in Naval Architecture". Work includes knowledge of Network Programming with RMI, Object Oriented Programming with Java and Java 3D library. Supervisor: Antonio J. Cacho.

     Master Degree in Communication Technology and Technics | Varna, Bulgaria - 11 September 2002

Today was my thesis presentation. The topic was "Monitoring and Maintenance of Communication Devices Through Internet/Intranet Networks". I focused on, developed and presented a working SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Architecture. My presentation and thesis was rated with Excellent (6) that is equivalent to a grate of 'A' mark in USA/UK. So now I have the academic rank "Master of Communication Technology and Technics" and "Engineer of Communication Technology".

     Microsoft Visual C# Seminar - 2 September 2002

Four-day seminar about the advantages of Microsoft's Visual C# .NET. Topics covered include language commonalities, interoperability with existing unmanaged code, changes to debugging techniques, and general information about how to move from programming in C++ to programming in C#. Advantages of the managed environment of Microsoft .NET and the common language runtime to speed design and development, and to reduce errors.

     Staying on the cover - 13 July 2002

YES ... on the cover again :-) I have a new article on the cover page of July's edition of Business Software Magazine. This time I discuss the e-advertising market in the last several months and the new payed web-services of Yahoo!.

     "Open Source Business Model -- Benefits" - June 2002

I am very proud to announce my first publication on the front page of Business Software Magazine (edition June 2002). It is called "Business Model - 'Open Source'" and I discuss the benefits of open source projects. As an author, it is a great honor to have a cover publication. The publication is in bulgarian only!

     ERASMUS Student - October 2002 - April 2003Awarded an ERASMUS scholarship for excellent academics results. I am going to the Technical University of Lisboa, where I will spend the next 6 months working on my thesis: "Internet-based Systems for Control and Planning of Research Projects." This is my thesis in Computer Science & Technology.

     Cisco's CCNA Course IV semester - 13 May 2002 - 7 June 2002

This is the last semester in that course. In fourth semester we payed more attention to WAN design and WAN protocols and structures - in other words - "We Think Global!" Later this summer I plan to take the CCNA test at the Cisco Authorized Test Center in Sofia.

     Business Software Magazine - April 2002

In the late February of 2002 I was invited to join the team of Business Software Magazine - a popular computer related, monthly magazine. I accepted the offer to become an author after deep thought. It is always a pleasure to be part of a team from professionals. My first publication was in the April edition of the magazine.

     Cisco's CCNA Course I, II and III semesters - 11 November 2001 - 21 March 2002

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is Cisco's entry-level Network Installation and Support certification. CCNA professionals exhibit basic networking skills, and can install simple LAN and WAN networks.